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To The Continent of Mesolar
A Dark Cave
The Intersection of Fate
A Forest Path
A Forest Path
Beginning the Path
Emerging from the Woods
A Hidden Trail
An Overgrown Path
A Landing Area
The Soggy Intersection
In the Rapids
A Muddy Path
The Muddy Trail
A Small Path
A Small Path
At the Steps of the Temple
A Stone Path
A Stone Path
Aiden's Path
The Temple of Vengeance
Aiden's Path
Aiden's Path
The Marble Path
The Temple of Plenty
Following the Stream
Standing on Shore
On the Steps of the Temple
The Path's End
The Temple of Doom
The Sun Dried Path
The Cracked Path
The Muddy Path
The Marble Path
The Marble Path
The Marble Path
The Shrine of Sacrifice
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