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To Gelidus
A breezy day
Sunny dust devils
Dust storm
A dewy morning
Cool and foggy
Cool and cloudy
Hot and dry
A frosty morning
Cold and blustery
Shrieking winds of a blizzard
Sunny but cold
A Nor'easter
Ice storm
A short hallway
Reception area
A sunny day
A sudden squall
The rainbow at the end of the storm
Electrical storm
Thunderstorm warning
Warm and cloudy
Administrative office
An icy day
Sleet and snow
Cold and cloudy
Partly cloudy
Cold and gusty
Wind storm
Extreme heat
The clouds before the storm
Director's office
Frigid snow devils
Oops! A flash flood
Rainy days
Hail storm
Entrance to the Weather Observatory
Extreme weather
Weak hurricane
Green skies
When fronts collide
Fast moving tornado
Small tornadoes
Powerful hurricane
Hail and powerful winds
Kids flying kites
It's only a water spout
Heavy rains
Warm and breezy
Wind advisory
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