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To The Continent of Mesolar
A quiet grove
Among the ruins
A stone platform
Beginning of marble path
Under a crumbled archway
An endless stream
An endless stream
Approaching some ruins (G)
Nearing the ruins
Atrium of the Palace of Song
North Atrium
Southeast Atrium
Top of the steps
Southwest Atrium
Back Orchestra
Mid Orchestra
Back Orchestra
Northwest Atrium
Back Orchestra
Mid Orchestra
Northeast Atrium
Mid Orchestra
Upstage Centre
Star Dressing Room
Upstage Right
Ensemble Dressing Room
Upstage Left
Path through the gardens
Downstage Centre
Downstage Left
Downstage Right
Front Row
Front Row
Front Row
East Box
Eastern staircase
Upper Atrium
Foot of the steps
Nearing the palace
Garden of Duke Nhoukym
Garden of Princess Amepsmamptra
Garden of Lady Maltesa
Garden of Prince Amepsmamptrer
In the flies
In the Pit
Royal Dress Circle
West Box
Upper Atrium
Western staircase
Upper Atrium
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