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enter maelstrom
To Gelidus
enter painting
enter tunnels
A Rest Cave
Temporary Guard Station
Searching the Halls
Cave Garden
Cave Garden Entrance
The Center part of the Garden
The Northern part of the Garden
Corridor Intersection (G)
Dark Cave Corridor
Inside the Fortress (G)
Dark Cave Corridor
Corridor to Trivani Quarters
Corridor to Trivani Quarters
Worship Chamber
Portal Landing
Trivani Living Cave
Intersection Cave
Dark Cave Corridor
Quietly Passing the Corridor
The End of the Corridor
Guard Cave
The Goat Skull Gate (G)
Storage Cave
Trivani Commander's Cave
Treasury Cave
Invaded Chamber
The Invaded Caves
Nearing the end of the Garden
The Eastern part of the Garden
Within the Underbrush
Prison Corridor (G)
Prison Cell
Prison Guard Cave
Prison Cell
Prison Cell
Royal Corridor
Royal Corridor
The Bodyguards' Cave
The Maids' Cave
Royal Corridor
The Queen's Bedcave
The King's Bedcave
Throne Cave
Smaug's Cave (G)
The Southern Muddy part of the Garden
The Western part of the Garden
The King's Secret Chamber
The Southern part of the Garden
Trivani Guard Cave
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