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nod bones
nod bones
To The Mountains of Desolation
A Bustling Alcove in the Kitchen
Inside the Kitchen's Pantry
The East End of the Castle Kitchen
The Servants' Entrance to the Dining Room
A Busy Workplace in the Castle Kitchen
Out of the Frying Pan, Onto a Plate
A Castle Cache
Before a Large Iron Door
The Wizard's Workdesk
A Choice of Paths in the Dark Underground
A Sudden Turn in the Darkness
The Western Dungeon Hallway
The Entrance to the Wizard's Lab
A Coat Closet
A Dark Parlor
A Completely and Utterly Empty Closet
The Court of the Dustmite King
Before the Wizard's Chambers
A Cramped Bedroom
A Smaller Stone Hallway
Inside a Dark Closet
A Dark and Dank Passageway
A Secret Passage through the Rocks
Inside the Great Hall of the Castle
In the Halls of the Castle
A Dusty Corner in the Wizard's Lab
The Preparing Chamber of Half-Griffonicity
On a Large Wooden Platform
A Frenzied Corner in the Lab
Inside the Wizard's Lab
A Half-Griffon Feeding Place
A Half-Griffon Playplace
A Spacious Corner in the Lab
The Half-Griffon Memorial Burial Crypt
A Hidden Treasure Room
A Secret Passage
A Mookie Hangout
Wandering in the Darkness of the Castle
A Path to the Gardens
The Western Part of the Gardens
The Southern Part of the Castle Courtyard
A Room at the Top of the Tall Tower
Teetering Tumultuously on Top of the Tall Tower
The Bottom of the Tall Tower
A Sea of Ink and Floating Paper
Lost in the Piles of Books
The Western Wing of the Castle Library
Among the Many Pages of the Books
A Secret Staircase
Umari's Bedroom
Downward in the Darkness to a Dead Bolted Door
A Sharp Turn in the Castle Corridor
The Darker Hallways of the Castle
Before the Castle Library
A Three-Way Crossing in the Castle Halls
A Sloping Passage
Another Turn in the Castle Hallways
A Small Corner Alcove
Wandering the Castle Hallways
Before the Castle Dining Room
A Small Pen
The Eastern Part of the Gardens
The Southwest Part of the Ballroom
The Castle Stables
The Bottom of the Back Stairway
A Turn in the Hallway
At a Grand Wooden Staircase
The Hallways Turn Again
The West End of the Castle Kitchen
The Top of the Grand Wooden Staircase
The Center of the Dining Room
Before the Door to the Castle Kitchen
Heading into the Southern Wing of the Castle
Before the Gates of a Dark Castle
Off a Hidden Path
The Northern Part of the Castle Courtyard
Umari's Audience Chamber
Walking Past the Many Portraits
Climbing a Stone Staircase
In the Southern Wing of the Castle
Griffon Holding Cell
The Eastern Dungeon Hallway
Human Holding Cell
Scaling the Castle Ramparts
Inside a Small Bedroom in the Castle
Inside a Small Storage Room
The Eastern Wing of the Castle Library
On a Stone Walkway Before a Tower
The Top of the Back Stairway
The Westward Part of the Dining Room
The Northeast Part of the Ballroom
The Southeast Part of the Ballroom
The Northwest Part of the Ballroom
Wandering Through an Upstairs Hall of the Castle
Umari's Bathroom
Umari's Study
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