Welcome To Boot Camp

An Aardwolf Clan

Boot is a clan on Aardwolf intended to give new players a taste of what clan life is like.  We are focused on helping new players become better in all aspects of the game until they no longer need us and decide to move on or decide to become staff and help out new players themselves.  We have several in game help files to learn more about us. Help Boot, help newbieclan, help clans, and help boot-application. Typing claninfo boot in game will also give you some information about us. Who boot will show you who is online. If you have any questions feel free to write a note to boot on board personal or contact one of our leaders/staff team listed in our information section on the website. 

This website is under constant development so keep checking back for new resources of information.

Thank you for taking the time to give us a look and for enjoying Aardwolf the best mud there is.

If you are a new member looking how to register please send a personal note to any officer you see in claninfo Boot.

Any issues with the website or ideas for it should be sent to any officer you see on claninfo Boot

For more information about Aardwolf please visit

 - Leaders and Staff of Boot!