Clan Rules

  1. All mud rules must be followed. Read 'help rules' in game for more information on this
  2. No selling of PK allowed
  3. Although Clantalk is an R rated channel attacking someones race, religion, sexuality, nationality or other forms of harassment will not be tolerated.
  4. Staff Members will be expected to help the clan/clan members whenever possible.
  5. Improper behavior may result in Outcasting and is at the leader's discretionary power, to be reviewed by all other leaders.
  6. One can't have an alt in the clan unless it serves a purpose such as an enchanter alt, blacksmith, sitter etc.
  7. One cannot have an alt in another clan. This is deemed a conflict of interest.
  8. All members will be outcasted from the clan if they are inactive for a set time. the time starts at 6 months for enlisted and raises by 1 month per rank. If you do return just inform a leader that you were outcasted due to inactivity and you will be reinstated

Remember that as a member you not only represent yourself in Aardwolf but our entire clan. Always keep this is mind.

Codes of Conduct

  • External Clan Conduct: Appropriate conduct demonstrated outside the clan hall will be expected. Clan members are allowed a total extent of freedom in regards to PK, but are not required to.  Spam killing (killing someone repeatedly in a short amount of time) is not and will not be allowed. 
  • Internal Clan Conduct: Within the halls, it is expected of members to listen to each other and be tolerable of each others differences. If a conflict arises, members are encouraged to work it out amongst themselves, but failing that a higher ranking individual may be sought as a mediator.